Why Balsamic

IMG_4280There are a lot of balsamic impostors out there: really wine vinegars with fake “balsamic” flavors added. But at Two Olive Trees we source our balsamic from only one place: Modena, Italy, where it all started centuries ago. Our dark Balsamic are of the highest quality

It begins with the grape. Only the first quality Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes are used. They are cooked in the traditional style over an open wood fire. The result, the carmelized “grape must,” is then put into barrels where it is inoculated with a “mother” balsamic. This introduces natural acetic bacteria and yeast, and begins the process of transforming the cooked grape must into our wonderful Balsamic Condimento.  The wood-fired grape must is then aged using what is called the Solera method. As it is aged, the product is transferred through a succession of barrels made from different varieties of wood, each of which contains residual amounts of older balsamic dating back 18 to 25 years. As the moisture evaporates, the product is moved to smaller barrels which are topped off based on this method. After many years of this process, it is ready to be bottled and sold. Age is not the only criterion of balsamic quality, however,much of our balsamic’s superior quality is due to the condiment’s very low  acidity of 4%. This is a function of a high quality grape, cooked down, condensed, and aged without the addition of much else.

With a wide variety of both dark and white Balsamic to please almost any palette, we invite you to try some of Two Olive Trees superior Balsamic. They are the natural partners to our fine extra virgin olive oils. We could go on, but your palette will be the true test. So again, we invite you to come to our tasting bar, Two Olive Trees at Regency Square and “taste what is good for you”.  

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