OlivesWhere is the best olive oil in the world from? That’s a common question, but there is no single answer. It sometimes comes as a surprise to people accustomed to the blended, unremarkable olive oils found in grocery stores, but extra virgin olive oils (EVOOs) differ greatly in taste based on the variety of olive and the region in which it is grown. As you will find when you taste some of our many varietal olive oils, different areas and different olives produce oils which appeal to different people. However, the critical attribute of all oils is freshness.The fresher, the better. How fresh is your oil?Freshness depends on the growing season in two hemispheres.

“Olive oil can be digested more easily than any other edible fat or oil”

We source the freshest extra virgin oils from growers all over the globe. At Two Olive Trees you’ll find fresh fruit varietal extra virgin olive oils from Spain, Italy,  Australia, Chile, Argentina, and California. Oil production is based on harvest, hemisphere, and weather. Our producers mill the end product within an hour of the harvest. Having growers in both northern and southern hemispheres ensures our buyers of the best oil possible.Whether you like unflavored, mild and fruity, bold and grassy, or one of our flavor fused or infused oils, Two Olive Trees has something for every palate.1421-e1360718786425

Research has shown that extra virgin olive oils contain polyphenols, which are naturally occurring compounds that act as powerful antioxidants. These antioxidants are disease-fighting enzymes that protect your body by trapping free radical molecules before damage occurs. Olive oil also contains oleic acid, an essential fatty acid. Olive oil has no trans fatty acids — no unhealthy, artery-clogging trans fat. It contains both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Remember, Omega-3 acids are important in preventing heart disease.Because of olive oil’s fatty acid content, research shows that it can be digested more easily than any other edible fat or oil. A lower incidence of gallstones has been reported in populations consuming olive oil, a fact attributed to the way in which olive oil stimulates bile drainage, raises “good” HDL cholesterol and provides a balanced intake of fatty acids.Extra virgin olive oil has an acidity of .8% or less at harvest. It is naturally milled. No chemicals are used. Unlike processed, cooked, and blended oils, our EVOOs are simply what is pressed out of the best olives in the world.We could go on, but your palate will be the true test. So again we invite you to visit Two Olive Trees in Stuart and taste what is good for you!

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